How Do You Get Motivated to Finish Your UFO’s?

I took a break to move across country and settle in and now I am back to writing! I have relocated to Las Vegas and I love it, even the heat! I can’t get over the beauty of the mountains.

The whole moving process unearths all your worldly possessions. Everything I owned got accounted for and this placed a box of quilt tops in my face! I realized that if I finished some of my projects it would free up more space – – always an issue in the old house and now in the new one. Moving helped me finish two UFO’s, but not just to free up more space. I found a different motivation. Read on to find out more. How do you get motivated to finish your UFO’s?

UFO: UnFinished Object
What is a UFO in quilting? First let’s define what it is NOT:

  • Fabric purchased for a quilt that you did not start cutting yet. This is stash fabric, not a UFO.
  • Blocks given to you by a friend. This was someone else’s UFO, but the UFO status does not carryover to you.

UFO Definition: a project you started working on that hasn’t been worked on in over one year. This includes tops, and blocks that were destined for a quilt. If you worked on it six months ago it is still a work in progress.

How do you get motivated to finish your UFO’s? I could say help them find their destiny, but honestly, just give them a destination!

Done! My Kaffe Fassett basket quilt hanging on the wall.
A closeup of the quilting, which is curvy lines done with a walking foot.
My front door!

The former owners had a beautiful iron-work scroll piece over the front door. I wanted to add black to this area because in Feng Shui black is in the bottom center of the bagua (the map of your home) and this represents career. My celtic knot with the black background would be perfect.  I can’t remember the year I started my celtic knot in a class of Linda Hahn’s at Frost Valley. 2003 or 2004? I always liked it, I just didn’t have a destination for it.The other top that finally got quilted is from a Kaffe Fassett class I took in New Jersey in 2013. I always loved this top, but again, I did not have a destination for it until I got the idea to hang it in my hallway. I quilted it in one day, being inspired by a beautiful quilting technique that I saw my friend Catherine Redford use. It is not fancy, but it gets the job done!Next time you dare to peek inside your top box consider where those tops might look great and give those quilts a destination. Would it look good hanging somewhere? Can you finish it to give as a special gift? Hold it up where you could hang it, or drape it where you would use it. Try it. You will be giving yourself the motivation to finish your quilt. As we all know, a finished quilt is a happy quilt!

See you in Long Island in October!

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